Minutes from the 1st BRIDGING meeting in Alexandroupolis

On 5th of June 2019 the meeting “Brucellosis: a  constantly existing zoonosis” was held in University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, within the framework of the BRIDGING bilateral Greek-German Research and Innovation Programme.

It was an open to health care professionals and public meeting aimed mainly to inform and raise awareness for the problem of zoonoses, in particular brucellosis.

It was a really successful, multidisciplinary event with more than 70 participants, such as internists, pediatricians, veterinaries, microbiologists, molecular biologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, nursing staff, public health supervisors, economists and representatives of breeders associations. They all discussed and exchanged useful opinions regarding recent epidemiological and research data of the disease.

Obviously, this event boosted more the BRIDGING project!!


Kickoff meeting - 11/07/2018

Laboratory of Molecular Hematology,
University Hospital of Alexandroupolis,
Alexandroupolis, Greece